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Recreate the recycle bin in Windows Seven

Recreate the recycle bin in Windows Seven

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Posted by on the 26/02/2014.
Last update on the 27/02/2014.


You accidentally deleted recycle bin on your desktop? No problem, this tutorial will explain how to restore it.


This tutorial requires that Windows 7 or Windows Vista is installed. It doesn't require any other prerequisite.

This tutorial works on Windows 7 and on Windows Vista.

Restore the bin

To restore the bin, follow the following instructions:

  • right click on the desktop;
  • click on « Personalize »;

Menu of Windows 7 desktop

  • On the top left, click on « Change desktop icons »;

Personalize the Windows 7 desktop

The window « Desktop Icon Settings » is opened:

  • Check « Recycle Bin »;
  • Click on « OK »;

Display the Recycle Bin on Windows 7

Now, the recycle bin is displayed on the desktop.

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