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Advanced search in Windows Seven

Advanced search in Windows Seven

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Posted by on the 23/02/2014.
Last update on the 24/02/2014.


This tutorial explains how to use the advanced search of Windows 7 in order to extends the research to other document, search on the internet or also search a sentence in the content of your documents.


This tutorial requires that you have Windows 7 installed. it doesn't require any other prerequisite.

Use the advanced search

In order to use the advanced search under Windows 7, you need to make a simple search. To do that:

  • Open the folder where you whant to search;
  • Write the word or the sentense to search in the "search bow" (top right);

research toolbar in Windows 7

If you cannot found what you want, there are different advanced search modes proposed by the search system of Windows 7. Here how to find them:

Go to the results list, in the "Search again in" section:

  • Click on "Libraries" in order to search on each libraries;
  • Click on "Computer" in order to search on the all computer (utile pour rechercher des fichiers système) (cette recherche est plus lente);
  • Click on "Custom..." in order to search on a specific place;
  • Click on "Internet" in order to search with the default browser and the default search engine;
  • Click on "File contents" in order to search in the content of the files

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