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Add an email address in Thunderbird

Add an email address in Thunderbird

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Posted by on the 14/02/2014.
Last update on the 16/02/2014.


This tutorial explains how to add an email address (For example a gmail or Yahoo email address) in Thunderbird.


This tutorial requires that you have Thunderbird installed and that you have an email address.

POP protocol activation on your mailbox

The first thing to do is to activate the POP or IMAP protocol on your email account in order to have a copy of your email in Thunderbird. You will find in tutoriels en folie, some tutorials that explain how to activate this protocol. You just need to read:

Add a new email address

Now that the POP protocol is activated, we can add the email address to Thunderbird. To do that:

  • Go to « Tools » – « Account Settings... » ;
  • The window « Account Settings » is opened ;
  • Click on « Account action » ;
  • Click on « Add Mail Account... » ;

Thunderbird - Account Settings

The window « Mail Account Setup » is opened:

  • Add your name ;
  • Write your Email address ;
  • Write your Password ;
  • Check « Remember password » ;
  • Click on « Continue » ;

Mail Account Setup - create email address

  • Check IMAP or POP3 depending on what has been configured in your mailbox (see last section) ;
  • Click on « Create account » ;

Mail Account Setup - Activation pop and imap

Keep the emails on our old mailbox

We will now configure Thunderbird in order to keep the emails on our old mailbox (for example: gmail). To do that:

Go to the window « Account Settings »:

  • Click on the new email address ;
  • Click then on « Server Settings » ;
  • Check « Leave message on server » (NB: only if POP was selected);

You can also specify after how many time they will be deleted on the server or if you want to delete the emails on the server when they are deleted in Thunderbird.

Ok! We have successfully added our email address on Thunderbird.

If you have other email addresses, you can also add them to Thunderbird by reading again this tutorial.

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