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Create a gif with Photoshop

Create a gif with Photoshop

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Posted by on the 16/08/2013.
Last update on the 16/08/2013.


This tutorial explains how to create a gif animation with Photoshop.


To follow this tutorial you need to have Photoshop installed, it has been tested on Photoshop Ps4 and Photoshop Ps5.

Create the animation's layers

We will create two simple layers for our gif. The first will be blue the other green.

First of all, we need to create a new project. To do that:

  • go to the menu File - New…);
  • fill the following parameters :
    • Width: 50 pixels
    • Height: 50 pixels
  • color mode : RGB;
  • click on OK;

Now, fill in blue the first layer with the tool « Color fill ».

Photoshop CS5 Color fill

Create a new layer by clicking on the above icon (lower right corner).

Photoshop CS5 new layer

Then fill the new layer in green.


Create the animation

Now that our layers are ready, we can display the animation section. To do that:

  • go to the menu WindowAnimation;

Photoshop CS5 Animation section

We can now create one image per layer. To do that:

  • click on Photoshop CS5 one image per layer (Top right of the animation section);
  • click on « Make frames from layers »;

Photoshop CS5 image per layer

Change the images transition time

In order to fluidly the animation, we will add transition images between our two images. To do that:

  • select the two images by typing ctrl + click;
  • click on Photoshop CS5 transition images (lower left corner of the animation section);
  • set « Frames to add » to 2 and click on OK;

Do not forget to make it in both ways (blue to green and green to blue).

In order to have an endless animation, we need to:

  • click on « Once » (below the first image);
  • then click on « Forever»;

Photoshop CS5 Forever

To have a fluid animation, we will set the images appearance time to 2 seconds and the transition time to 0.1 second. To do that:

  • select the two images by typing ctrl + click;
  • click on Photoshop CS5 2 seconds;
  • click on 2.0;

Do the same thing for the transition images but set the value to 0.1.

Tester the animation

We will now test the animation. This is very simple, you only need to click on Play.

Photoshop CS5 Play

Save to gif

To complete this tutorial, I'll show you how to save your animation in .gif. To do that:

  • go to the menu FileSave for web & devices;
  • Click on OK;

Photoshop CS5 save

Here is the animation:

Photoshop CS5 - animation

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